Tyler Luneski


Tyler Luneski


Mechanical Engineering

From Emmett O’Brien Technical High School, Computer Aided Drafting and Design

I attended the BRIDGE program in the summer of 2011. It was an eye opening experience to how hard I would have to work to achieve success. As I begin to study more engineering focused classes, I’m finding that concepts are easier to understand now that I can relate them to something tangible, not just theoretical.

In addition to academics, I’ve been building my work experience. In high school I worked as a CAD technician at a company called Aerial Lift Inc. During the summer of 2012, I participated in research under Dr. Kazem Kazerounian on designing a smart knee brace with Martin Huber and Matt Eschbach. Since Fall 2011, I’ve worked as a stagehand at the Jorgensen Theatre for Performing arts. I am also actively involved with Formula Student Automotive Engineers (FSAE). In particular, I’m part of the chassis design/build team and the effective wheel design leader. I’m learning as much as I can now so that next year I may be chassis team leader.

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