Kiomarys Toro


Kiomarys Toro


Mechanical Engineering

From E.C. Goodwin Technical High School, Computer Aided Drafting & Design

My name is Kiomarys Toro but most people call me Kio. At UConn I am a member of Many Mentors and I am an undergraduate researcher in Professor Ladani’s Lab. I am also a Resident Assistant at North Campus and a Site Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  I have interned at EDAC Aero in Newington, CT and Pratt & Whitney In East Hartford, CT.

In addition, I participated in the BRIDGE program in the summer of 2012. Some of my best memories are from BRIDGE and I met some of my best friends there. I felt like BRIDGE put me steps ahead of my first semester. It made transitioning to college much easier and also allowed me to create a network of students in the same boat as me. I found that although UConn is a big school, you can make it feel small by finding a smaller community to belong to. Whether that is a sport, an organization or just a pretty cool group of friends it’s important to have. UConn has so many opportunities in and out of engineering. UConn has really let me explore my passions.I have grown as a person, student, engineer and leader because of the experiences I’ve had here. I absolutely love studying engineering at UConn, through my involvement I feel like I am making my time here very fulfilling.

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