Kelsey Reeves


Kelsey Reeves


Environmental Engineering

From Grasso Technical High School, Plumbing and Heating

As an environmental engineer, I am able to design and facilitate the construction of systems for the benefit of both humans and the environment. My focus is on water treatment and sanitation in developing countries. I conduct research on a household water treatment technology, a ceramic filter, from Ethiopia. I also am an officer for the Engineers Without Borders Ethiopia Program, where we are designing an irrigation system to extend the currently rainfall limited agricultural growth period of a rural community.

Additionally, I am conducting research for my thesis on hexavalent chromium reduction by polyphenols in green tea, as a means to establish a natural and economical method for chromium remediation. This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Ethiopia to visit the Engineers Without Borders site and the factory that manufactured the filter I research.

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