Damon Soto

damonSI’m Damon Soto. I graduated from H. C. Wilcox technical school as the Salutatorian. I am currently a senior in the field of Electrical Engineering. The summer before my freshmen year at UConn I attended a program called BRIDGE which was for students entering the school of engineering. There I spent several weeks living on campus and taking practice courses of actual courses I would have during my freshman year. This program gave me a taste of what my day was going to be like once the semester started. Since then I’ve spent most of my time studying my courses, going to engineering 2 building to try to get help whenever I got stuck on a problem and spending many hours working in the computer labs on campus working on a project or report. While the work load can be a bit overwhelming sometimes and I’ve experienced several sleepless nights trying to finish an assignment or study for a test, I’ve learned a great deal over my four years at UConn. During my time here at UConn I have also helped with engineering ambassadors, an outreach program that helps grade school kids and tries to get them interested in engineering as a career. While I don’t have too much free time, I always volunteer to help with the science bowl competition every year. Science bowl is a competition where a science or math related question is asked and teams have to buzz in to answer. It’s fun seeing the teams competing against each other, though also intimidating seeing how much more they know than you while being several years younger. Overall, I enjoyed helping with this organization in whatever way I can. I will be graduating this May

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