Four Arrows Rope Course Fall 2013

As an annual event, the FIFE group visits the Four Arrows Rope Course located on the UConn Storrs Depot Campus every fall semester. We find importance in developing our team of students through unique team building activities.

In our visit this year, it was an interesting experience; most of us had completed a course there together before, but now we had a few new faces. We got to strengthen our bonds with those we know and form ones with new ones!

We participated in challenges such as climbing through a “spiderweb” in which our group had to help each other get through different holes of a “web”; this involved careful planning by everyone and working together with some members to lift and carry them through the web. Another portion involved having our 10 group members swing across a rope onto a small platform and fitting everybody onto it without anyone falling off. Our final activity was working together to push everyone through a tire suspended in the air.

It was a very fun and accomplishing day, and due to our already developed closeness, we were considered a “highly functioning group” and completing each task was not only easy for us, but we did each task swiftly! It was enjoyable for each and every one of us, and we would like to thank our wonderful Four Arrows guides Darren and Isabela for coordinating a well planned out day and helping us through the tasks.

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