Yomery Espinal

yomeryEYomery Espinal grew up in Washington Heights in the Bronx, where a passion for science, she says, was not exactly the norm. It was during her years at the Bronx High School of Science that she fell in love with chemistry.

That love affair with science led her to earn dual bachelor’s degrees in 2009—one in chemistry from Fordham University and one in chemical engineering from Columbia University.

With those degrees in hand, Yomey accepted a job at Columbia University Medical Center, where she conducted research on diabetes and obesity. Her research led to three publications. While working full time, she earned a master’s degree in chemistry from City College of New York in 2013.

From there, Yomey followed her passion for science to UConn. She is now enrolled in a Ph.D. program in material science and engineering. She is still working out the details of her thesis research.

“Material science is the balance I had been searching for between chemistry and engineering,” she shares. “I want to work on materials with applications that will help society and make people’s lives easier.”

In her free time, Yomey enjoys yoga, cooking and spending time with her dog. She is a UConn Multicultural Scholar and would like to get involved in mentoring young minority women.

“I have a feeling of responsibility for other young people with a similar story to mine who did not have the same opportunities I have had,” she says.

Yomey’s ultimate goal is to teach and conduct research at university level.

“I want to leave my mark in the world by passing on my knowledge and love of chemistry and material science through teaching,” she says. “I eventually would also like to be an advocate for underrepresented minorities pursuing higher education.”

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