Brian Cruz


Brian completed his undergraduate study in Environmental Engineering at the University of California Riverside. There he worked on a variety of research projects with Dr. Sharon Walker including nanoparticle impacts on a model human gut and septic tank performance, and impacts of disinfectants on bacteria viability, virulence, and attachment to spinach. He also worked with Dr. Kawai Tam and Dr. David Cocker on developing a novel air pollution technology for lawn mowers ( He began study and research at the University of Connecticut in 2014 and is pursuing a PhD in environmental engineering.

He is currently working with Dr. Leslie Shor to develop a novel soil transport system utilizing soil microorganisms to deliver beneficial bacteria and other agricultural payloads to actively-growing plant roots. Targeted delivery and controlled release of these payloads may have large implications for the agricultural industry. His research interests include engineering microbial systems, and understanding the fate and impacts of emerging contaminants in microbially active systems.

Brian enjoys cooking, fishing and hiking in his spare time.